oddball saltwater fish and inverts
  • Black tail snapper

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    Also known as Blacktail Seaperch, Yellow-margined Snapper, Yellow-margined Seaperch, Flame-coloured Snapper, Flame-tail Snapper and Dark-tailed Snapper.

    Found singly or in loose group in lagoons, coastal reefs and outer slopes at moderate depths.
    Juveniles found in seagrass and mangrove areas.
    They feed on fish and invertebrates.
    Length - 40cm
    Depth - 1-75m
    Widespread Indo-Pacific

    Most Snappers live in moderate depths, however there are a few that live much deeper. Juveniles found on inshore reefs.
    They are nocturnal predators that mainly feed on fish, but will eat crustaceans, gastropods and cephalopods.
    Some smaller family members eat zooplankton