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Hawaiian Christmas Wrasse jv

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 The Christmas Wrasse has a growth limit of up to 7 inches, so, a 50 gallons tank would be adequate. You can provide a thick sand bed in the tank of Christmas Wrasse as it bury itself during the night or whenever it feels threatened. The ideal water condition that suits the Christmas Wrasse comprises a temperature range of 75-82F with pH of max. 8.4. Also add live rocks and coral substrate to the tank of Christmas Wrasse near which it can swim and wander. Avoid using larger and more coarse-grained substrate which can result into injuries. The Christmas Wrasse is a non-aggressive species that is reef compatible and is safe with corals, but it might be dangerous for the small hermit crabs, snails, fan worms, and ornamental shrimps. The Christmas Wrasse thrives with good health in the tank if you feed it twice a day with meaty foods. The carnivorous diet including invertebrates, small crustaceans, zoo plankton?s such as Scavengers, shrimp, live grass shrimp, clams frozen seafoods, dried, frozen or live brine and mysid shrimp, as well as flake foods and other meaty substances.