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  • lizard fish

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    What can you say about the 'Ulae except Ouch! The Lizardfish, named due to its lizard like look and movement, can be found in shallow waters all throughout Hawai'i. Pictured here is a orange Lizardfish, one of 16 known species of Lizardfish found in Hawai'i, out of the 50 species found worldwide.

    The Lizardfish is all about teeth. It has rows of teeth and even its tongue is lined with teeth. One bite and the Lizardfish does not let go!

    The 'Ulae come in a variety of colors, but all of them are built for camouflage and some of the species can change their colors and patterns to match the surroundings.

    The positioning of the eyes on the 'Ulae allow the fish to bury itself in the sand with only the eyes exposed and wait for the next meal to appear. When the victim gets to within 5 to 6 feet, the 'Ulae will push against the sand to quickly dart forward and grab the treat. can reach 16in