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  • Undulated Moray Eel

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    This Undulated Moray Eel is a member of the Muraenidae family. The Undulated Moray Eel can be easily identified by the light undulating lines that form a faint net-pattern along its long, sinuous body. The Common Undulated Moray Eel is also known as Hawaiian moray, leopard moray. The Undulated Moray Eel grows up to a maximum length of 59 inch in size and must be kept at a minimum tank size of 100 gallons. This Undulated Moray Eel is usually considered to be reef safe but must be kept with precautions. The Undulated Moray Eel is carnivorous in diet. This nocturnal species uses its keen sense of smell to actively and aggressively hunt for fishes, octopus and crustaceans, taking on almost anything that fits in its mouth. As soon as a prey is captured, the Undulated Moray Eel uses its specialized second set of jaws that lies within its throat for grasping onto the prey and drag it back into the throat. The Undulated Moray Eel is an aggressive species and can even prone to bite. The female partner of this species lays large number of heavily-yolked eggs that are fertilized externally by the male. As the egg hatches, small ribbon-shaped larvae subsequently emerge from the eggs.